Welcome to Taco Gets Fit: Tales, Tails & Trails!

This blog is to keep you informed of what is going on in my journey of learning, growing in and teaching WholyFit devotional exercises, plus other fun stuff. Let me explain:

TALES – about my progress as a WholyFit instructor, as written above. This will be the main page that I will post to weekly.

TAILS – The occasional ‘tails’ of RolyFit – stretching exercises for cats, hosted by founder Roly Poly. As our feline friends operate on a different calendar, I will post randomly, according to what Roly Poly dictates.

TRAILS – No, not trail mix recipes; my recipes are held in a separate blog. This category will take you on a different journey with me through foreign lands… Okay, it is just a few of my adventures, past and present, mostly around Mexico, but we do on occasion step our holy feet onto other borders! Although we really only travel once per year, I will update this monthly – with bits and pieces from the Taco’s Adventure’s series.

COLORS: Not part of the title, but still a tab: This is where you read about Taco’s life in the Crayola House and where you can see the Colorful Casa Crayola, our home here in paradise. Stop by and sit a spell! Take your shoes off! Y’all come back now, hear? (sorry, no cement pond!)

Just click on the appropriate tab (TALES, TALES OR TRAILS) and you will see what is happening.

Please leave a comment or two – just click on the balloon hovering to the right of the post you read, and type away! If you like what you read, hit the star ‘Like’ at the bottom (no, not a Facebook ‘Like’, just a star rating!)

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a good time while you are here. Happy reading, and may God bless you!


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