Crowd Control? Clear the Mechanism!

04 March, 2010:  One thing very important I have learned is about crowd control, or lack thereof. Confused? If you are not accustomed to my style of writing/my wacky sense of humor, then please let me explain. I often joke that I hear voices in my head, and sometimes we have silly conversations. That works well when I am writing travel stories, but what is the point in this blog???? The point is the crowd in my head, or more accurately- the noise.

I get distracted very easily (I normally attribute that to being blonde). At times I find it more difficult than others to concentrate; even in my normal daily prayer time there sometimes seems to be a ‘crowd’ in my head. Okay, so I guess that should be pretty normal for a gal who now finds herself in the exercise world – in a completely foreign environment (pun intended). I often feel like a fish out of water. Keeping my husband nutritiously fed 5x daily to keep his blood sugar and cholesterol levels at the best levels possible, reading the Bible and keeping tabs on my 80 yr old mother (who stays with us 3 months of the year, the rest in Chicago) are high up on my daily list of Things To Do, as is learning to be Wholy Fit. Add to that recipe all other daily events (writing 4 blogs, housecleaning, laundry, pay bills, try to remember if I watered the plants, feed and chase my kitties, did my semi-blind kitty get lost again, prayer time, etc.), add a dash of variables (the social center a block away has events all weekend until 2am and the wind blows the sounds right to our house; Vidal’s sciatic pain and gastritis act up on occasion, so rearrange daily schedules and meals to accommodate), stick them all in a blender and you come up with lots of noise: all those voices talking (or meowing) at once. What to do, what to do? How do I control that crowd and learn to focus, focus, focus??? Answer: Learn a good technique for Crowd Control: Clearing the Mechanism. How? Lots of prayer!

I love baseball; I also love movies. A great movie that includes a good baseball story goes great with a bucket of popcorn on any given night for me. I bring that up because of the movie ‘For Love of the Game‘, with Kevin Costner. In it, Kevin plays Billy Chapel, a baseball pitcher who is possibly pitching the last game of his life. Throughout the movie/the game, the crowd is cheering loudly (both against him and later for him), which can greatly effect his concentration. Each time he steps on the pitcher’s mound, you hear the deafening sound of the crowd and you wonder how anyone could focus with so much noise, but then you hear him say to himself (in his head): ‘Clear the mechanism‘. The noise fades to complete quiet, and he is able to completely focus on his pitching. As I write this, I can already hear the noise level fade, so maybe the key to clearing my mechanism is to write, I don’t know. Maybe asking/writing for prayer help to learn to ‘clear my mechanism’ is all I need to do to tell the enemy I am serious about starting a revolution- or at least, the first step.

Comments, anyone??? Please by all means leave me your comments and laughter. At me, of course! 🙂

As always, thank you for your support, your love, your laughter and above all- your prayers.
God bless you, and good night/good morning!!!!!


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