Meet the Four-Pawed Crayola House Kids: Guerita, Simba and Roly Poly!

God blessed us with three precious little ones: 2 girls and a boy; all three of which had  four legs and fur coats.  They were trilingual; they spoke Spanish, English, and Cattish.  The pitter-patter of their little paws brought much joy to our lives.

Meet the amazing and amusing cats of the Crayola House:

Guerita contemplates escape – using her pretty red cast as a weapon to knock down walls.

Guerita: The tiny white, very vocal peanut cat, who at the age of 7 decided she did not want to live with us. She held a grudge for 7 years – choosing the freedom of the red-tiled roof next door or my sister-in-law’s floor to sleep on, while returning daily to our house to eat, drink water and hiss at me.  That is, until she fractured her paw and tore a ligament… Sporting a pretty red cast, she was forced to become an indoor cat). She forgave, us and lived happily ever after by our side. Yes, the Prodigal Cat returned, as if she never left- ruling the house, bossing Simba, Roly, Vidal and I around.  Guerita’s “Indian name” surely means ‘Teeny-Tiny White One with Big Lungs’.


Simba’s favorite place in the world – Daddy’s lap!


Simba: Guerita’s fraidy-cat sister, double the weight.  Simba was our chubby little girl, whose favorite pastimes were sleeping, begging for food, curling up on Daddy’s lap and praying for chicken.  She enjoyed WholyFit, and more often than not, joined in with me.  She only ever did one pose, however: Rock.  Simba loved her baskets and/or loved to curl up on the sofa, cuddling next to her human family (especially her grandma Weeta!) and only attempted to jump on the table if we were eating chicken. For that reason, she believed her real name was ‘Simba, No!‘, a phrase she had heard since kittenhood.

Roly Poly believes any space can be used to curl up and take a nap!

Roly Poly:  Simba’s son, Roly was our happy-go-lucky self-proclaimed protector, and the founder of RolyFit.  He too once ruled the great outdoors of our property-  lazing on the red-roof tiles next door, hunting under the almendra tree “jungle” next to it, and bringing home the occasional iguana.  Roly battled major health issues for the majority of his life, but they never held him back. Not even blindness – well, sort of.  He seemed to have had selective vision- he walked deftly around recently moved furniture– and then would promptly walk into a wall.  Personally, I think he took after me, as I am known to do the same… Roly’s favorite pastime was discovering new stretching poses to add to his repertoire of RolyFit, and eating fish.

                            Bed, Bath and Simba!

Back in the day, before his vision problem, Roly delighted in playing hide and seek… and napping while Mommy searched the house for him!

Designer beds for the Crayola House kids!


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