One Fish, Two Fish; Red Fish, Tuna Fish!

With the exception of my first cat- Paul McCartney, who had a great love for White Castle cheeseburgers, most cats love fish. Our feline friends are very much carnivores, in need of mostly protein. Our three fur babies were no exception. Continue reading


Kick It into Extended Gear: The Rear Leg & Toe Stretch

A good leg stretch is essential! As cats constantly have their rear legs flexed at the hip as well as at the knee almost all day long, extending their legs is as much of a necessity as it is a joy. Continue reading

We All Just Want to Be Loved


Simba always and only ever just wanted to be loved.

Simba was such a nervous little kitten; that trait carried over into her adulthood.  She always seemed so unsure of herself, preferring to follow her sister Guerita around – very closely.  It took her longer to get used to us than it did Guerita, who made herself at home fairly quickly. Guerita ruled the roost; Simba merely followed in her shadow. In those early years, Guerita would hover over Simba like a big sister would. Strangely, I have more photos of Simba bathing Guerita in those days.  I suppose that’s because it was the exception rather than the norm, and it was the pre-digital years.  One had to be choosy when trying to capture a moment on film.

I have written a lot about “Simba, no!” and Simba being a little stinker.  We have so many memories of our little chubby girl, ad all are filled with such joy.  The “Simba No!” was never an angry shout; it was always with a stifled laugh that we would scold her. She was just so cute!

Simba had this pleading look that melted our hearts when she wanted to jump on the couch. Yes, Simba wanted to enjoy a warm, soft bed/couch/basket/lap. She wanted to be on Daddy’s belly.  She wanted to be by her Weeta. But the bottom lies was this: Simba simply wanted to be loved.

Simba was Daddy’s Little Girl, so she always knew she was special.  She had special Weeta time when my mom came to town.  Simba always had to share me with her son Roly Poly, as he had so many health issues most of his life. Then later, the same happened with her sister Guerita.  I don’t know how much Simba understood how sick they were, as at times Simba did lash out to each of them when they were very ill. Those were the only times “”Simba, NO!”” was truly a reprimand.  Was she angry at them for being ill?  Did she know they were going to leave us soon?

In the end, Simba was an only cat for the last two years of her life.  While I know she enjoyed having Mommy and Daddy all to herself, I know she also missed Roly and Guerita. I could see that the balcony baskets were no longer such a joy to her. I think they held too many memories.

I don’t think Simba ever wanted to be an only cat.  She just simply wanted to be loved. Don’t we all?

 I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you. Jeremiah 31:3

Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Boy Gone? Oh Where, Oh Where Could He Be?

Where's Roly Poly

“Roly, where are you??”

I grew up loving puzzles. I have fond memories of putting jigsaw puzzles together with my dad as well as my grandpa, and there were always some sort of challenging puzzle-type games going around in the house.  I love the challenge of the “Find the____” puzzles in Highlights magazines; as I got older, I rarely turned down a word-search puzzle. Looking for something hidden was a fun challenge; I am sure I would have loved “Where’s Waldo” if that had started in my generation.

We pass things down to our children.  Roly Poly somehow got wind of my love of finding hidden things, and he made it a game for us. He was very good at hiding in plain sight. That might sound crazy to an outside, but I knew my little boy.  He was having fun.

All of his life, Roly would always come to me when I called him: “Roly, where ARE you?”. But there were times when he did not, and I would walk around looking everywhere for him. In his pre-blind days, I looked around the compound in his usual spots.  In his blind days – you would think it would have been easier to find him in our small house. you would think.  Especially since he was not a small cat.

Sometimes I would find him hiding out in the buffet.  Sometimes he would be on the dining room chair, safely hidden under the table. Sometimes he was on a shelf, pretending to be a statue. Once, I found him tuckered away on top of a storage bin in my bedroom. I had been searching for hours; I had no idea how he even got in there. He was the master of hiding.

The funny thing was that he really did come whenever I called – if he was in a normal place, such as outside, by the door or on the balcony.   It was only ever when he was hiding in a new spot that he ignored me. Trying to keep Mommy on her toes, solving the Roly Poly Puzzle Hunt!

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The Big Sister


Guerita comforts her little sister Simba

Simba was a lucky little kitten.  She was not only chosen first to be adopted, her sister was chosen to accompany her as well.

Guerita loved to dote on Simba from the minute we met the two sister kittens.  Of course, that was lucky for Simba, who was a frightened little thing. She would cower in the corner and Guerita would come over to comfort her, meowing away, bathing her or just hovering over her. Simba was the needy one; Guerita was the giver. They needed each other. Continue reading