Trying Out My Wings

I remember a game I used to play with my friend Sandy from 2 doors down the street when I was a tiny tot. I was 4-yrs-old; she was 3. It was summer, and were playing in our front yard. Our mothers had told us not to go any farther than the driveway next to our house; I assume that was so my mom could still see us.  Sandy and I would walk hand-in-hand and see how far we could go, without getting into trouble. Trying out our own wings of independence, you might say – although I think my mom would replace that last word with “defiance”.  As Sandy and I took little steps just past that driveway, we’d say, “A little farther, and a little farther, and a little farther! Awwwwww!” – the “awwww” was said as we would giggle and race back to my driveway.

I was a nervous mommy with Roly Poly, I admit. As Simba and Guerita were indoor cats for their first three years, I knew they would stick around the house when they were able to spread their wings. And they did. but Roly Poly was different.  Like his aunt Guerita, Roly was an explorer. Unlike his aunt Guerita, Roly was able to explore the Great Outdoors by the time he was a few months old.   Continue reading