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I thought life began at age 30, when I made the move to Mexico. But now it seems that was just a stepping stone in the path God has set for me, as it now seems that life begins anew every day! AMEN! This blog is to keep you informed of what is going on in my journey of learning, growing in and teaching WholyFit devotional exercises. Thanks for stopping by. May God bless you and keep you!

The Cat Who Thought He Was a Rug

Roly Poly was a good little boy. He was never rude, good with kids, very patient, never messy, bathed daily, respected others and listened to his mommy and daddy. If we asked him to do something or stop doing something, he did. He was a good little boy.

Roly Poly was a comic. That was one of his most endearing traits. I will say it again – the Lord our Roly Poly on this earth to make us laugh. And oh, how he made us laugh! Like a human comedian, he learned what would make us giggle, and he’d just go with it, milking it, improving upon it. Like his impersonation of a rug.

“That’s Okay, Roly! You Don’t Have to Move!” was a phrase we said most every day. Roly would find a spot on the floor, stretch himself out and relax. He would just lay there like a rug – but like a thick rug in a spot that you knew you would trip over if you even attempted to step over it. We would just say, “That’s Okay, Roly! You Don’t Have to Move!”, laugh and walk around the rug- I mean, Roly!

“That’s Okay, Roly! You Don’t Have to Move!”, I would say as I swept around him or vacuumed around him.

“That’s Okay, Roly! You Don’t Have to Move!”, said Vidal, as he actually moved him with the push broom. Roly let him!

Have you ever gone swimming with dolphins – or at least seen a “Foot Push”? You know, when two dolphins push you across the pool by putting their noses in your feet? We’ve had foot pushes. So has Roly – sort of. “That’s Okay, Roly! You Don’t Have to Move!”, said Vidal to Roly who was stretched out on the couch, as he took his two feet and gave Roly a foot push to the other end of the couch.

The thing is, Roly was not a lazy cat. That’s how I know he was having fun, looking for a laugh. Roly loved it when we laughed. And we loved him. Always!


He will once again fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy. Job 8:21


The Cat with a Silver Spoon

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Once upon a time, there lived a precious little white-and-grey kitten with great big yellow eyes named Guerita. Born in the jungle, one would think she was just an ordinary street cat. Little did they know she was Royalty. While the royal lineage of course fell upon her sister Simba, it was more noticeable with Simba’s son, Roly Poly than it was with either of them, but this is Guerita’s story. Continue reading

Cuba’s Southern Gem: Trinidad


Cuba, 2000: The day tour was called ‘Trinidad and Cienfuegos’, a tour to the southern coast of Cuba. Our first stop was at Cienfuegos, once called ‘the Pearl of the South’, and it was immediately apparent why. It had very well preserved old mansions by the sea, as well as a lovely main square with a colonial theater. We drove through a couple of blocks to gawk at the old mansions (more like palaces), made a quick stop to tour the interior of the Thomas Terry Theater with its original everything from chairs to décor; then we were off.

The main focus of the tour was Trinidad, about an hour away from Cienfuegos. I knew nothing about Trinidad, knowing the name only for its more famous tocaya (person/thing sharing same name), the famous Caribbean island. While I had initially gone along for the ride for amusement, I would return twice for the pleasure of wandering its lovely streets. Trinidad was nothing if not lovely, with cobblestone streets and colorful colonial buildings well-preserved; it came as no surprise that it proudly carried the title of UNSECO World Heritage town. Continue reading