Under Construction

When I recently took on the challenge of re-focusing on this blog, I thought it had only been a few years since I last posted – not six!  I saw that a few posts were actually from 2010; a few of which had been written but never posted.  Not even after my original two-year hiatus when I briefly returned to posting in 2012.

Wow, I thought. I might as well have just written a blog post that simply said:

Under Construction; See You Soon!

Then I realized what a great title that would be.  After all, this blog started out to be all about my journey with WholyFit, and then blossomed from there. Continue reading



Workouts in the gymnasium are useful, but a disciplined life in God is far more so, making you fit both today and forever. You can count on this. Take it to heart. This is why we’ve thrown ourselves into this venture so totally. We’re banking on the living God, Savior of all men and women, especially believers.  – 1 Timothy 4:6-10 (The Message)

17 March, 2010:

My English language Bibles are almost exclusively NIV. I find, for reading purposes, that I get hung up on the beauty of the formality of the language when I read King James, and somehow I feel Shakespeare should be narrating it to me. Blame it on my overactive imagination. But once in a while, I check out another version, and I was led to look up the above passage in The Message. I love it! ‘No spiritual flabbiness!!!’

I am a sports lover, but have never been good at sports; I just was not born with the coordination gene. I am not just talking about running bases, hitting a home run or scoring a goal, I am talking simple sports like bowling. I have this amazing ability to start out with a bowling ball in hand, let it roll down the lane and generally start out fairly well. I have even been known to roll a strike from time to time- but it is generally within the first few throws. The average person would start out poorly, learn to get the hang of the sport, then slowly get better. Not this gal. I start out with a spare, throw a strike, then it’s gutter balls for the remainder of the game. It can be quite frustrating. Continue reading

How to Tell Time with Roly Poly

Roly Poly was a creative little kitty, but he was also a creature of habit.  I could tell what time it was simply by where Roly was.  I suppose it was really part of his creative self, dreaming up new ways to stretch for RolyFit, and thinking of ways to make mommy and Daddy laugh. He was quite the character.

  • Roly by the kitchen door:  The sun is up, time to make his presence known if any stray cats, birds or iguanas come near the entrance: 8:00am
  • Roly on the center of the balcony – on his rug: Getting full rays of the morning sun: 9:00am
  • Roly on the corner of the balcony:  Getting the last rays of the morning sun; 10:00am
  • Roly by the rock: 11:00am (the rock held the heat from the sun??)

The baskets were the most fun to watch.  Simba usually was in one of them, but would soon be forced out by Roly. At first, it would be a gentle paw touching tapping her. If she didn’t move within 20 seconds, she’d get a full-on whack (unless Mommy was quick enough to intervene!)

  • Roly in the round basket: 12:00pm. The sun had gone over the house, so I assumed he wanted more warmth!
  • Roly in the basket with lid: 2:00pm
  • Roly on the rectangular basket:  4:00pm
  • Roly in the yellow house: 5:00pm
  • Roly on the couch: 8:00pm
  • Roly by the bedroom door:  Mommy, it’s time for bed!

There’s an opportune time to do things, a right time for everything on the earth: Ecclesiastes 3:1

Of Curves in Strange Places and Please Try Not to Step on My Toe!

But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

-Isaiah 40:31

10 March, 2010:

I ‘go’ to WholyFit certification training class every Thursday night at 8:00pm; it is actually done live via Internet.  There are two mentor instructors and six students.  The other students are probably 10-20 years  younger (and easily 20 pounds less) than me, I am guessing, by their photos. As I have never been one to bother with age, that does not bother me.  What I do have to battle with is the enemy whispering in my ear that I am waaay out of shape, that I have never been limber and what makes me think my body will ever be able to bend in such different ways… either my not-very-limber/out-of-shape body will prevent that, my protruding belly will make me look ridiculous, or if all else fails to stop me, my klutzy nature will step up to the plate and I will manage to trip and fall all over myself.  Hey, I am ready and willing to laugh at myself when that happens! Continue reading

Freedom is for Overcomers

 It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.- Galatians 5:1

WholyFit on the rooftop!

15 September, 2010:  This week, we are celebrating Independence Day in Mexico. Actually, it is the celebration of the initiation of the War of Independence, which began in the wee hours of September 16, 1810 with the Grito de la Independencia – the cry of freedom.  The whole country dresses up in the colors of the flag: white, red and green.  The colors were chosen for their significance: Red – unity of the people, White – purity of the Catholic faith and Green – independence.  Later, president Benito Juarez (aka the Mexican Abraham Lincoln) changed the significance of the colors: White – unity, Green – hope, Red – the blood of the heroes who gave their lives for the country’s independence.   (more on Mexican History by Taco)

In the year 2010, Mexico celebrated the bicentennial celebration of the war of Independence, and the centennial celebration of the Revolutionary war. The festivities included special routes across the country, highlighting points of interest of the War of Independence and the Revolution – Rutas de la Independencia, and Rutas de la Revolucion, respectively. That year, Mom, my friend Esperanza and I and had ventured to the state of Guanajuato – following the ‘Ruta de la Independencia, where the Independence movement began.

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Crowd Control? Clear the Mechanism!

04 March, 2010:  One thing very important I have learned is about crowd control, or lack thereof. Confused? If you are not accustomed to my style of writing/my wacky sense of humor, then please let me explain. I often joke that I hear voices in my head, and sometimes we have silly conversations. That works well when I am writing travel stories, but what is the point in this blog???? The point is the crowd in my head, or more accurately- the noise. Continue reading

All Different Shapes and Sizes, with a Pillow Thrown In!

I have always been fascinated with head shapes. Maybe it is the archaeologist-wannabe in me, having been captivated by pictographs of the profiles of ancient peoples in the Egyptian and Mayan worlds when I was young. In my many travels through Mexico, I have often found myself mesmerized by the different head shapes in the various of the various cultures here- some with large, round-shaped, flat-topped heads; others with an almost Egyptian-like cone-shape on the back of their heads, and others with what can be best described as having had the back of their skull flattened at birth, so that there is a straight angle from the neck up. It kind of reminds me of my old rock collection; just as every rock comes in different shapes and sizes, so does every head. But what does that have to do with WholyFit, you ask? A lot, actually. God pointed that out to me just this morning. Continue reading