Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Boy Gone? Oh Where, Oh Where Could He Be?

Where's Roly Poly

“Roly, where are you??”

I grew up loving puzzles. I have fond memories of putting jigsaw puzzles together with my dad as well as my grandpa, and there were always some sort of challenging puzzle-type games going around in the house.  I love the challenge of the “Find the____” puzzles in Highlights magazines; as I got older, I rarely turned down a word-search puzzle. Looking for something hidden was a fun challenge; I am sure I would have loved “Where’s Waldo” if that had started in my generation.

We pass things down to our children.  Roly Poly somehow got wind of my love of finding hidden things, and he made it a game for us. He was very good at hiding in plain sight. That might sound crazy to an outside, but I knew my little boy.  He was having fun.

All of his life, Roly would always come to me when I called him. But there were times when he did not, and I would walk around looking everywhere for him. In his pre-blind days, I looked around the compound in his usual spots.  In his blind days – you would think it would have been easier to find him in our small house. you would think.  Especially since he was not a small cat.

Sometimes I would find him hiding out in the buffet.  Sometimes he would be on the dining room chair, safely hidden under the table. Sometimes he was on a shelf, pretending to be a statue. Once, I found him tuckered away on top of a storage bin in my bedroom. I had been searching for hours; I had no idea how he even got in there. He was the master of hiding.

The funny thing was that he really did come whenever I called – if he was in a normal place, such as outside, by the door or on the balcony.   It was only ever when he was hiding in a new spot that he ignored me. Trying to keep Mommy on her toes, solving the Roly Poly Puzzle Hunt!

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The Big Sister


Guerita comforts her little sister Simba

Simba was a lucky little kitten.  She was not only chosen first to be adopted, her sister was chosen to accompany her as well.

Guerita loved to dote on Simba from the minute we met the two sister kittens.  Of course, that was lucky for Simba, who was a frightened little thing. She would cower in the corner and Guerita would come over to comfort her, meowing away, bathing her or just hovering over her. Simba was the needy one; Guerita was the giver. They needed each other. Continue reading

BYOM: Bring Your Own Meal to the Fiesta

It was April, 2009.  We had only recently discovered Roly Poly’s blindness, and making adjustments.  One of those adjustments was screening up the open-air balcony and kitchen door. Until then, both had been open to the elements, which allowed Roly Poly and Guerita to come and go as they pleased. We left a high opening in the door for Guerita, but we never told Roly about it. Simba rarely bothered to go outside, even when she could. Continue reading

The Great Mayan Race: Family, Snorkeling and Culture in 48 Hours or Less


My cousin Maggie’s birthday is this week, so this one is for her!

2002: I was in the Mayan Riviera with Vidal for slightly over three months before Mom came to visit; she and cousin Maggie came for a three night stay in our hotel. As they arrived early, we had a nice lunch and a relaxing afternoon by the pool. As the hotel grounds there were huge, there was hotel transportation from one end of the resort to the other, great especially for those of us who want to make the best of every minute and not be late for dinner. We met up in the lobby and got on our “train” to the restaurant. We dined in the specialty restaurant, having a nice Mexican meal while strolling mariachis played at each table, with a gorgeous view of the sea; a wedding party had arrived to have their small reception there.

We left the restaurant about 8:00pm, had to walk past two buildings to get to the transportation pick-up spot.  We knew Ma and Maggie would be exhausted, having had to be at the airport at 4:30am, and would be too exhausted to make it to the 10pm nightly hotel entertainment. But- God didn’t want them to miss out on a good show. Continue reading

Welcome to Our New Home!

Guerita Bed

Do I really get to stay here with you??

When Simba got pregnant, we were in between homes.  While we were still in the family compound, our old home had been demolished, we were living in a small room waiting for my mother-in-law’s house to be finished, with several months to go before we would be able to move into ours. Guerita was grumbling at Simba daily for being pregnant; we soon moved in my mother-in-law’s new house, and moved Simba in with us. We felt bad leaving Guerita in a room alone, but felt the already nervous Simba needed more attention. The kittens were born in that house, Guerita was allowed to visit them and doted on them, and by that time, our house was ready for us!

As the kittens were only a few weeks old, it was decided that Simba and her babies would remain in my mother-in-law’s house until they were weaned. That meant that Guerita would be alone with us when we first moved in! Continue reading