Sittin’ Pretty: The Polar Cat

Cats love high places; Roly Poly was no exception. Of the hundreds of photos I have of him in his baskets, boxes, bags, rooftop and “jungle”, there is one particular memory I wish I had a photo of: Roly Poly on the Pole. Well, technically it was a tree trunk.

Before our street was redone, there had been a tree in the sidewalk, in front of our house, right in front of our balcony – about 4 feet away. Roly occasionally climbed up the tree, but he wasn’t really a tree cat. He was the self-appointed protector of our territory, and I think he just didn’t quite have the advantage of seeing all around him from the tree. When the city came around to trim that tree, they took the top off and flattened it out. I personally never heard of that, but there it was. Basically, it became a tree pole. Continue reading


Of Curves in Strange Places and Please Try Not to Step on My Toe!

But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

-Isaiah 40:31

10 March, 2010:

I ‘go’ to WholyFit certification training class every Thursday night at 8:00pm; it is actually done live via Internet.  There are two mentor instructors and six students.  The other students are probably 10-20 years  younger (and easily 20 pounds less) than me, I am guessing, by their photos. As I have never been one to bother with age, that does not bother me.  What I do have to battle with is the enemy whispering in my ear that I am waaay out of shape, that I have never been limber and what makes me think my body will ever be able to bend in such different ways… either my not-very-limber/out-of-shape body will prevent that, my protruding belly will make me look ridiculous, or if all else fails to stop me, my klutzy nature will step up to the plate and I will manage to trip and fall all over myself.  Hey, I am ready and willing to laugh at myself when that happens! Continue reading

The Prodigal Cat

Guerita was Mommy’s Girl. That is not to say she was attached at my apron strings. Nope; our little Guerita was more like me – fiercely independent. She loved having the freedom to roam outside and come back to her comfy bed. But like most cats, she didn’t like too much change.

Moving into the new house was not an issue; she was the first cat to be moved upstairs; she loved having more room to roam inside, and was finally allowed to roam outside. She was happy! But Vidal had to work across the country ever summer, and I would either go to Chicago or visit him for a month or two. We always had house sitters, so the “kids” were never alone.

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The Call of the Wild: Simba and the Great Flood

Miracles happen all around us, every day. Just look. Just listen…

As I sit and write this, the rainy season is upon us. Tropical Storm Carlota is blessing us with rain and wind, and 2 hurricanes have already swept by. Oh, how I love a rainy day! The smell of the rain is so pleasant; our house has a delightful breeze. Perfect for writing.

The storms haven’t turned us into drowned rats; at least not yet. On those super-soaked rainy days (it’s an official term!!), the streets of downtown Zihua will flood; some more than others.  Our street no longer floods horribly, but when it does, it takes me back to one particular rainy night when our girls were still kittens…

It was summer; it was hot. Simba and Guerita were less than a year old. Back then, we lived in a small studio that abutted the back of my mother-in-law’s house on the family property. There was a vacant room next to it that we used as the “kid’s room”. Although Guerita was usually quiet at night, Simba was often a bit vocal. We tried leaving a bit of food out at night, but that didn’t always work. sometimes she just wanted us to open the door and let her in our room.

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The Pink Panther: A Coat of Many Colors

Before Roly Poly went blind, he was a day wanderer. He’d spend most of the morning hanging around outside the house, but I never knew where he went during late afternoons/early evenings. I only knew he would eventually come home and sleep inside.
In 2007, the City was redesigning the streets downtown, replacing them with fake bricks – cement mixed with a red powder to make a pretty brick color. While ours would be the last one, the side street east of us was all torn up, with piles of rocks, dirt and the red powder mixture on each corner. Continue reading

Flying Ants & the Road to Uxmál

Well the rainy season is upon us here. As I sat down at my laptop and pondered what to write about, a flying ant landed on my lap. “Oh, great!”, I moaned out loud, “It is that time of year again!” 

Flying ants. They invade your home and leave behind a couple of souvenirs. I remember back when our floors would be covered with the wings those ants had shed.  Back before we had screens attached to the wrought iron bars on our balcony. They still find ways to sneak in and leave me reminders of their visits, but not like back then.  I love the rain, but did not love the invasion of the flying ants, and I certainly do not miss the daily mess they left upon my floors.

On a good note, that little flying ant today reminded me of a tale I once told, back when Vidal worked in the Riviera Maya, back when I had summers off to frolic and journal while he worked…

Take a deep breath, sort through my run-on rambling sentences, and I promise you those flying ants WILL appear.

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Give Us a Kiss!


Come on, Elvis! Give us a kiss!

When Guerita was a kitten, she would jump on the dresser next to my side of the bed. I would talk to her, and kiss her little nose. At some point, she expected it and would stick her nose up, waiting for me to give her a kiss. It became a daily show of affection, our own special greeting.

Even during the seven Prodigal Kitty years, she would still give me her special kitty kisses.  I would come home from work, and she would be sitting on a half wall near my door. I’d greet her and say, “Give me a kiss!”, and she’d lift her nose to meet my kiss, Almost every time!  There were a few times that she’s tease me, I admit. Claiming her independence… but in the end, she’d always live me that special kiss.

She occasionally bestowed a wet nose upon my mom, but that was it. We were her only truly chosen ones.

During her last month, it was very difficult for her to lift her head; her kisses changed into head nudges as she curled up next to me. But when I would bend down to her level, she would lift her head, ever so slightly – just to give me a kiss.

How I miss those special, loving kitty kisses…

Greet one another with a kiss of love. Peace be to you all who are in Christ. 1 Peter 5:14