Pawprints Forever on my Heart



Meet our furry children: Simba, Guerita & Roly Poly (Simba- bottom left, Roly- bottom middle, Guerita- bottom right)

Once upon a time, the pitter-patter of three beautiful cats were heard in the Crayola House.

They lived.

They stretched.

They napped!

They left behind their pawprints.

Life with a cat or three can change your lives in ways you can’t even imagine. There was a time when we were first married and we enjoyed sleeping in. I was not born a morning person; I was gifted with a body clock of a night owl. Married life wasn’t much different; Vidal is a night owl as well (we were meant to be together!). Getting up early used to be a chore for Vidal and I, until we adopted the girls: Simba and Guerita, when God introduced “The Kitty Alarm”. Our lives would never be the sameContinue reading


Keeping My Promise: Pawprints Forever in My Heart

Once upon a time, the pitter-patter of three beautiful and very beloved cats were heard in the Crayola House.

They lived.  They loved.

They stretched. They napped!

They made us laugh. Oh, how they made us laugh!

And our hearts were broken when each crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

But they live on in our hearts, where they left behind their pawprints.

During Simba’s final days, I made a promise to write about her; to write about all 3 of our furry children. And I kitten you not; a promise is a promise, and a promise I must keep.”    – Those were the words I wrote on May 23, 2018 when I began my journey to fulfill that promise. For indeed, I made a promise before God to my beloved Simba. A promise made with love through tears. A promise that took me a year to begin fulfilling, and a year to fulfill. While the tears still flow and I will always miss our precious furry children- Simba, Guerita and Roly- with this final post, I feel in my heart that my promise has been fulfilled.

I know that God exists, and that He loves each and every one of us- His creations- deeply. He created us, human and felines and every other species out there. Each of us uniquely wonderful.  I hope a bit of that came through in my kitty chronicles. I believe Heaven exists- and that indeed our beloved pets are up there. I close my eyes and I imagine it- bright, colorful, and a great big tree where Jesus hangs out with a few very special cats. Simba has her royal chubbiness back, and she is happily plopped on his lap. Guerita is completely healed, laying next to her sister, and meowing her happy songs; Roly is healed, wearing his SuperKitty cape and merrily scratching at Jesus’ chanclas.  Jesus is laughing at their antics.  This vision brings joy to my heart, and allows me not to forget them- but to close this chapter.

Behind every feline is a tale to tell… Or at least, a tail!  Ours certainly did, and it was fun to share many of them over this past year. So many precious memories they left behind. Those memories, like their pawprints, will forever live in our hearts. For today, I will look back at what I miss the most. I close my eyes and I can hear each distinct voice.  Feel each distinct furry coat. See each precious favorite moment…

GUERITA: I can hear her voice and her variety of meows as she sings her favorite songs- from Num-num to  Vowels (Meowels!) to Squeeze box Squeaks to Mow-wow-wo.

My seven most favorite Guerita moments:

  1. Poking her young kitten head through the bricks and encouraging her timid sister Simba to follow suit!
  2. Whacking Weeta!! Although that outstretched front leg and consequent whack happened to Daddy and me as well if we didn’t put fresh food in her bowl fast enough, whacking Weeta was somehow funnier…
  3. Walking Daddy through her old stomping grounds (where she still terrified the big dog Jacinto)
  4. Spa Days– that sandpaper tongue, how it tickled!!
  5. The Rocket Scientist leaps. How she studied, calculated each leap to make it precise.  It was fascinating to watch!
  6. The Red Cast Escapades! Using that red cast as a baseball bat, dragging it across the floor as she ran with three good legs, and finally leaping up the screen door with that heavy cast, trying to escape!
  7. Her sweet kitty kisses. Those precious little kisses, reserved just for Mommy. She did give one kiss each to Maya and Weeta- but that was it. The rest for Mommy only!

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ROLY POLY: I hear his sweet little high-pitched voice, his special roar for when he sensed a street cat in his territory, his story-telling chatter meows… The “question” meow with a cocked head as he looked me in the eye, Whatcha doin’ Mommy, whatcha doin‘?” (to which I would respond, “Whatcha doin’ Roly, whatcha doin?♪“) And of course- his Mommy cry. The one he saved just for me…

My seven most favorite Roly Poly moments:

  1. Waiting for us to come home from work and walking us home up the stairs, just to make sure we didn’t get lost along the way.
  2. Those sweet and hilarious RolyFit stretches! He created those stretches just to make us smile. I am sure of it!  (There are 13 RolyFit blog posts in all)
  3. Scratching Daddy’s chanclas!! The look on Roly’s face was a joyful look as he very merrily scratched away- sometimes with Daddy’s feet still in them!
  4. Plopping his leg up on mine, just like Daddy. Roly really wanted to be just like Daddy!
  5. The Morning Mews Reports!! How sweet the sound of a kitty when he is telling a story, and Roly was quite the storyteller!
  6. Nighttime cuddles as he snuggled so close to my armpit. It brought a lump to my throat each time, feeling that love and knowing he felt safe.
  7. Hearing his Mommy cry from the balcony when I came home from traveling. Although in honesty, it actually sounded like he was calling “Raul”… (Ra-ooo! Rah-ooo”!)

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SIMBA:  Her low voice and the funniest meows: She’d meow quietly like a cat if her bowl was empty, growl like a dog if she was angry, meow like a lamb when she couldn’t be bothered, and had that special cry for  tuna (which includes the sound of the electric can opener, as that was symbolic to her for a can of tuna). That was the ONLY time she actually opened her lungs and let her voice be heard!

My seven most favorite Simba moments:

  1. Attacking Fat Cat! Simba the timid kitten protecting us- her family- from what she perceived to be a monster was so darn cute!
  2. Tuna Time – the great race to finish before Roly & Guerita so she could eat the rest of theirs. I could hear circus music in my head each time!
  3. Simba the Circus Kitty– Hearing her pull herself up the steps so she could jump on our bed and cuddle by Daddy.
  4. Sniffing the air when we brought home her favorite chicken, ready to float away… VIDEO of Simba smelling chicken.
  5. Daddy Time/The Hammock: Simba with her chubby belly, craving alone time on Daddy’s belly as he swang in his hamaca.  The look of yearning in her eyes as she watched him, too afraid to jump on a moving target.  But in the end, she succeeded.  Love conquers all!
  6. Simba bathing (NOT to be confused with bathing Simba!): All cats leap, stretch and bathe, but not all take it one step further. Roly had the art of stretching; Guerita had the art of leaping. Lazy Simba Bimba had the art of bathing.
  7. Simba and Mommy time during WholyFit restoration. Oh, how I loved those precious moments!

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If I could go back in time to take two snapshots of each, it would be:

The more you love someone, the harder it is to let them go. Broken hearts are our testimonies to the depths of that love. We are often asked why we haven’t adopted another furry child yet.  We will, we respond.  Some day, we will.  But our hearts need to heal first, and I had to fulfill my promise to Simba to write their stories.  Stories of our beloved furry children- Simba, Guerita and Roly Poly. Our furry children were precious to us.  They blessed us, they blessed our home. They each received miracles of healing.

They each loved the sound of violins, and the many violin concerts for them as a family (or private!).   VIDEO: Lost Unicorn: A Violin Concert for the Crayola House Cats

They each loved Tuna Time!

They each loved us deeply-their mommy and daddy, and we absolutely loved them.

To every thing, there is a season- and the season for these kitty chronicles has come to an end. Dear Reader, I thank you for following the stories of my furry children.  For indeed, it was their stories that you read- not mine. Come back any time and re-read their kitty adventures. Find one that you missed. Or better yet- adopt a cat and let them write their own stories.  Share them with me; share them with the world.

What I wrote the day I began this kitty chronicle journey a year ago, echoes true even today.  And so, I will end this chapter with some of those words:

… I take a deep breath and reminisce about the pitter-patter of little paws scurrying down Meow-mory Lane.

I feel uplifted; my heart is smiling.  I close my eyes and they are with me again. I can hear their meows. I feel them snuggling up next to me. I smell the tuna breath.  I hear the pitter-patter of those tiny paws. I see their pawprints.

Pawprints which will forever be written on my heart.

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To every thing there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1

But the poor man had nothing except one little ewe lamb he had bought. He raised it, and it grew up with him and his children. It shared his food, drank from his cup and even slept in his arms. It was like a daughter to him.  2 Samuel 12:3

On April 30, 2015, Maya and Mariposa decorated the graves of Guerita and Roly Poly.  The girls had collected special rocks for the occasion, and each said a few special words. Maya told the story of Guerita, with a pretty white stone representing Guerita in the middle as the queen that she was, and the surrounding stones representing things special to Guerita such as plates of tuna, 2 stones representing Guerita and her sister Simba as kittens and 3 stones representing the adult kitty family trio of Guerita, Simba and her son Roly Poly.  Mariposa told us that Roly Poly’s grave has a circle of love around it and adorned with a cross.

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He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away. Revelation 21:4 

 I thank my God in all my remembrance of you. Philippians 1:3

RolyFit Special: The Roly Twist!

♪ Let’s twist again, like we did last summer…♪

Oh, hello there!  Welcome back to RolyFit!!  We hope you have enjoyed stretching with me,  RolyFit Certified Instructor-Top Cat Level and Founder of RolyFit – Roly Poly himself!  As this is our last class, I wanted to share my favorite posture with you: The Roly Twist!

Similar to Twist & Kick,  Roly Twist is a supine posture. This is a great posture to do any time of day, whether it be before siesta, after siesta, or any time of day.  My all-time favorite time to do the Roly Twist was when Mommy and Daddy would come home from work, stressed out.  I simply rolled into Roly Twist and they would laugh- every time! Yes, it’s that much fun to do as well as to watch! Mommy always said it was her favorite stretch. In fact- Roly Twist was an incentive for her to look into a safe (and Christian) alternative to yoga, and she got certified  in WholyFit!  How awesome is THAT??

The basics: Roly Twist is a supine spinal twist with a kick and a change-up: It is, simply put- Roll & Twist!  (Aw, come on! You’ve got to love the word play there!)

Let’s get started!

As with all RolyFit stretches, start out slow!  First- choose your location; it can be the floor or on a softer surface like a bed or a couch- but keep in mind that you will need plenty of room to roll around. Slowly lay down and roll over on your back. Breathe deeply! Next, slowly twist your front legs to the left, simultaneously twisting your rear legs to the right.  Feel that stretch!  But that’s not it! There’s sooooo much more!  Leaving your front legs in position, slowly bring your rear legs to the center.  Keep that balance! Finally- the change-up:  Slowly twist your front legs to the right, and your rear legs to the left!  Don’t forget to BREATHE and SMILE! That’s it- the Roly Twist!

Wasn’t that fun? 

NOTE: Floors and beds will allow you more room to twist and roll from side-to-side; this is especially preferred for beginners.  Obviously, a bed is more comfy- but just make sure to get too close to the edge, or you will twist and roll right off! Safety first!  We only recommend doing Roly Twist on a couch if you are an experienced RolyFitter.  While having the security of a corner may be good for you- think about how much more you can stretch on a great big bed!

I cannot sign off without adding this from my kitty heart: It is so sad to see so many memes about cats and dogs on top of their humans while they are doing yoga. These poor humans just don’t get it.  We 4-legged friends are NOT joining in; we are trying to get them to STOP PRACTICING YOGA.  And don’t even get me started on goat yoga. Seriously? I mean, who doesn’t love a cute little goat – but… No. Just… NO!

The bottom line is that stretching is a necessity for felines and humans alike.  But let’s face it- felines have got the edge – and most of us felines instinctively know how to stretch safely.  I  loved it when Mommy started doing a much safer stretching program- WholyFit. you may recall that was why I started the kitty version, RolyFit.

Anyway- getting back on track here- I just want to thank you so much for joining me in my RolyFit over this past year. I hope it has been as fun for you as it has for me.  Now, it is up to you to stretch.  Do your homework. Adopt a cat!  Don’t forget to SMILE- it’s an important part of RolyFit! And by all means- keep on stretching safely!

Blessings to All and Many Meowy Thanks,

Roly Poly

RolyFit Certified Instructor-Top Cat Level

Founder of RolyFit

Don’t forget to SMILE! It’s an important part of RolyFit!!

Our Simba Bimba: The Chubby Little Cat with the Cutest Profile

I had finally convinced my husband to adopt a kitten. As he grew up a dog lover and knew nothing about cats, it took a while to convince him. But he is an animal lover, and seeing kittens in the wild also tugged at his heart.  I even let him choose the name of our not-yet-chosen-kitten.  We named our furry baby-to-be after the main character in Daddy-to-be’s favorite film – Lion King.  We named our yet-unknown furry child Simba.

In the abandoned jungle area next to a friend’s house, a somewhat stray cat had kittens (“somewhat stray” as she had adopted the friend’s house); we were to adopt one after it was weaned. One of the four kittens was an adorable gray and white one, with the most adorable face that melted our hearts. Her coloring was quite simple and not very unique; gray and white cats are fairly common.  What made this one different was her profile- her perfectly painted nose gave the illusion of a different shape. That, combined with her big eyes, gave her a profile we could not resist. We chose that kitten to be our Simba.  I don’t know why I was convinced our precious kitten would be a male; she was not. We never bothered to peek before we chose, and it didn’t matter.  Simba was meant to be ours.

It was that adorable face that melted our hearts when she did something she wasn’t supposed to be doing- which was fairly often.  “Simba No” became – like when she accidentally knocked something down, or jumped on the couch.  Stealing Roly’s food.  Begging for food. Trying to steal Roly’s tuna when he wasn’t looking.  Trying to terrorize our friend Pat’s fat cat that we cat sat. Bringing home a bat, and refusing to catch a mouse. Knocking on our door at 3:00am.  Yes- knocking.  The little booger!

That little face melted the heart of Daddy, from the time Simba was a kitten.   One look at that sweet little face, and all was forgiven for waking him up early. Wherever Daddy was, Simba just looked at him with those big pleading eyes, and jumped on his belly– her favorite place.  She loved her daddy, and Daddy loved his Little Girl.

And then came my mom- Simba’s Weeta. Mom sat on the couch to relax- fully aware that we didn’t allow our furry children up there- especially our fuzzy wuzzy Simba. But…Those big, pleading Simba eyes… Weeta fell for that sweet little face. Simba jumped on the couch, gave her Weeta those big eyes, and Weeta’s heart melted.  Simba won; she knew I wouldn’t say no to my mom! And so, Simba procured a spot on the couch next to her Weeta-  the Weeta Corner.

That precious profile! That sweet little chubby face, with a nose painted not quite symmetrically, but without a doubt to perfection. Combined with her chubby little belly- Simba was impossible to resist.

Simba’s final story here is that her story isn’t final. During those last weeks spent with my precious little Simba, trying to memorize every little detail of that sweet little face, I made her a promise. When I made that promise, she looked at me with those big, sweet, loving eyes and reminded me of the importance of keeping memories alive with the written word. Of continuing to express love through sharing their stories – hers, Guerita’s and Roly’s. That in the process, we each find joy and healing.

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a cat with the cutest profile you ever did see. She was our precious little “Simba No”.

Our Simba Bimba.

The Chubby One.

Nosy Rosie.

Little Stinker Binker.

My Little Booger.

Daddy’s Little Girl.

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. Psalm 139:14

Roly Poly, the Overcomer: Livin’ on a Prayer or Two… or Twenty!

When my little boy rolled into this world, he rolled right into my heart and stole it.  As much as I loved Simba and Guerita, it was not until that moment that I understood what being imprinted on felt like. Probably because I saw him when he was born, as he rolled into this world, still in his sac. As he rolled out of that sac, as Simba gently removed it.  That moment, I lifted up prayers of thanks for the lives of the newborn kittens.  That moment when Roly Poly was born.  That moment when he rolled into my life and my heart, and naturally only one name could fit him: Roly Poly.

Those initial prayers were to be just the first of countless over Roly’s 14 years of life.

Countless prayers when he was young and discovering his independence, sometimes not coming home until the middle of the night.

Countless prayers when he went through various health issues.

Countless prayers when he was hospitalized due to his urinary tract disease, near death.

Countless prayers when he was lost.

Countless prayers when he went blind.

Countless prayers for that first surgery to remove a tumor.

Countless prayers for that surgical sore that wouldn’t heal.

Countless prayers when he was diagnosed with cancer, and having to take various pills- including homeopathic– to combat it.

Countless prayers to strengthen his body when he went through chemo and prepared for surgery.

God had answered every one of our prayers in the way we had wanted.  So we expected Roly to pull through that last surgery without a problem. He pulled through the surgery early that day, but didn’t make it through the night. God had called him home to be fully healed. Then it was our turn: Countless prayers for us when Roly was called to Heaven.

Roly Poly’s story is not a sad one.  On the contrary – his story was always and ever a very happy one.  His body certainly had its fair shares of issues, but Roly simply rolled with the punches.  He had prayer warriors on his side his entire life; I believe he was the most prayed-over cat who ever lived. And that is exactly what Roly did- he LIVED!  He was in name and deed- SuperKitty!

Roly rolled into this world a happy kitten.  He lived a full life loving others. Strangers, even. Kids loved him; he was was our little social butterfly.  He took care of us. He made us laugh every day with his antics- such as being one of the guys, trying to paint, scratching Daddy’s chanclas with joy, wearing Daddy’s shoes or giving Mommy the morning news. Or pretending to be an alarm clock, a dog or even a rug. Even the day he came home pink how could we not laugh?  And his stretches. Oh, those Roly Poly/RolyFit stretches!  He taught us how delicious it felt to stretch, and to do it well.  Feeling down?  Do a silly stretch!  The list goes on and on.  For each and every prayer that went up for Roly, there were so many more reasons to praise, laugh, and smile- sevenfold.

As I write this- so many, many more things pop into my head of moments when Roly made us laugh. Our house was filled with so much joy, so much laughter with him.  So, how do I end this final Roly Poly post? I will just close by saying that Roly truly had “Joie de vivre” – and in turn, he gave that to us.  Every. Day. He taught us that love and laughter were far better things to focus on than the pitfalls of illnesses. He taught us it was possible always to be an Overcomer. He reminded us to pray daily and read the Bible. He knew that the miracles happened, prayers were answered, and to give it all to God by enjoying the life he was given while he was with us. And enjoy life, he certainly did. And I hear his silly song in my heart that I sang to him, and I can picture him doing his favorite, rolling into his most silly RolyFit stretch:

 ♪ He’s a roly poly! He’s just a roly poly. He rolls and he rolls and he rolls and he rolls… and when you think he stops, he rolls some more!  He’s my he’s my he’s my little boy! ♪

My Little Boy- you will always be in my heart…

Because you have made the LORD your dwelling—my refuge, the Most High— no evil will befall you, no plague will approach your tent. For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. Psalm 91:9-11

I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.  John 16:33

Roly had his special rugs when he was sick.

Roly Poly LOVED to roll! These photos were taken seconds apart.  Roly loved to make us laugh with his stretches!

My Guerita: Adopted and Grateful

When we first decided to get a cat, it was only supposed to be one- and that was to be Simba. It understandably took quite a bit of convincing my dog-loving husband to even do that. We had to wait until she was weaned, and my friend had found homes for all the other kittens.  Or so we thought. When it was time to pick up Simba, we learned that there was still one unadopted kitten. A tiny white one with touches of gray, and Simba seemed to be quite attached to her.  Understand- we had no intentions of adopting more than one kitten. Zero. Zilch. Zip. Even I, the cat lover, had not entertained the thought of multiple cats.  But there that scrawny little white kitten was, and my Kitty Mama heart cried out… Daddy’s didn’t take long to be won over, even if he wasn’t a cat lover – yet! And so, we adopted Guerita.

With animal adoption stories taking over the internet, it is easy to find posts about older pets showing their appreciation for being adopted. Surely they had lived through at least a few years of abandonment, and understood when love rescued them.  But how on earth could a kitten understand that?  Guerita was just a kitten, just weaned, when we took her and her sister Simba away from her birth mommy to live in a strange place. Indoors, at that! We hadn’t even given that scrawny little white sibling kitten a name yet. How could she possibly understand we would love her?  But she did. How a six-week kitten could know that indoor life would be better than life the streets is beyond me. but she knew she was being adopted- and she was thrilled.

Guerita adapted to us much more quickly than Simba did. While certainly their different personalities had a lot to do with that, I believe there was more to it than that.  In her 16.5 years of life, we learned just how perceptive she was.  How intelligent she was. How deeply she felt betrayal.  During her Prodigal Years, Guerita certainly showed us she could hold a grudge– but throughout that era, she still always showed me that she loved me with her kitty kisses.  She showed us how deeply she forgave.  How deeply she loved. And by adopting others, she showed us how grateful she was to be adopted.

Guerita was quite the musical kitty; she often sang to us. Maybe because I sang her song to her from her early years, all the way to her final moments.  I feel it appropriate for my final Guerita story to give her a musical finale.  I can still hear and feel her in my arms… How she purred when I sang her song…  ♪ My Guerita, my Guerita, how I love you- my Guerita! ♪  And how she sang for us as well.

Oh, my Guerita. How I miss you!!!

A Meow for Every Feeling, by Guerita   (to the tune of “Turn, Turn, Turn”)

To everything, meow meow meow,

There’s a meowing season, meow meow meow,

And a meow for every purpose under Heaven.

A stern meow when there’s no food in my plate,

A series of meows to express what I might hate.

A time to sing vowels – but not I or U;

and to sing “Mow Mow Mo”  to sa-ay  ” I. Love. You”!

And whoever welcomes a little child like this in My name welcomes Me. Matthew 18:5

To every thing there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1



My Guerita – Contentedly napping while dreaming of her next song.  I imagine it’s something like this: “My family, my house, my couch… my blessings!”


Mommy- I Need You, I Knead You! – Roly the Master Meowsseuse

Writing the last installments of our kitty chronicles has take a lot out of me. Reliving Simba’s last days was hard enough; this coming week will be the final stories for each of them.  Basically I am saying goodbye all over again.  I need a massage!  So, I am throwing in one more Roly Poly story for kicks. Or at least- for kneads!

From the time he went blind, Roly used to sleep with us. He’d scratch at the door to let us know when he was ready for bed. If we decided to retire early, we’d let Roly know it was time for bed.  He was a good listener!  As he was a Mommy’s boy, he cuddled up by my feet.  If he wasn’t feeling well, he would snuggle up tightly next to me, under my armpit. My little boy needed his mommy… I’d give his neck a little massage.

Who doesn’t like a massage? My first cat, Paul McCartney, used to give me neck massages every morning to wake me up.  A massage from a kitty feels so good! It feels like you are bread dough, and your kitty is alternating front paws, kneading you. It’s wonderful!

I wonder if I had mentioned that to Roly at some point. Roly also went through a massage phase during his last couple of years.  Not to be outdone by his predecessor, Roly took his massage job seriously.  He was by far the better kitty masseuse.  Make that “Meowsseuse”!

Like a good Meowsseuse, Roly waited for me to get all tucked in before he jumped up on the bed.  He started with my legs, alternating them: Monday, Wednesday- & Friday = left leg; Sunday, Tuesday, & Thursday = right leg.  Saturday was his sabbath day; no meowsaages!  There were times when his claws dug in slightly, but he was always very careful, and it was never painful or deep. Basically, he was very proffesional!

Roly the Master Meowsseuse started on my leg, kneading his way up my butt to my back. At that point, he stood on my back- although he knew not to stand directly on my spine, and worked all the way up my back.  The meowssages were always wonderful and made me feel happy.  Sometimes he would hit my ticklish spots- which I always felt were on purpose.  After all- Roly dearly loved to make us laugh!

Fact:  A kitty will only knead you if he loves you and he needs you.

Oh, how I miss my little boy!  What joy it is to be kneaded, needed but more than anything- to be loved.

Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full—pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back.    Luke 6:38

Roly Poly’s jelly bean paws gave the best meowssages!!


3 Short Stories for the Kitties, by Paola

Our cats were beloved by many- especially by our nieces of all ages.  Our great-niece Paola met Guerita and Simba when they were kittens.  When Roly was only 2 years old, Paola wrote stories for each of our furry children. She even illustrated them herself.  Short but sweet, and written with so much love!

The three stories below are copies of the originals, with English translation. For Simba- The Story of the Lost Cat; for Roly Poly- The Story of the Newborn Cat; for Guerita- The Story of the Cat with a Flower.  At the bottom is a hand-painted coaster I recently found. Although the mustache makes it a male cat- it made me smile as I thought of Paola’s story for Guerita.


Author Paola with Simba, happy to see her again!

Story #1:                                                                                                                                          The Story of the Lost Cat / El Cuento del Gatito Perdido  – for Simba, by PaolaCUENTAS DE PAOLA_0001

One day, the lost cat said, “How can I have a house?”                                                (Mama cat) said, “I know! We will make a house for you!” CUENTAS DE PAOLA_0002


(Mama cat said) “I am going to make you a house of bricks!”                                                                                                                                               The lost cat said, “Very well”.  CUENTAS DE PAOLA_0003


So, the lost cat’s parents came (with the house)                                                                                                                                                And the lost cat said, “My parents are here!”CUENTAS DE PAOLA_0004


And the lost cat was happy.                     The EndCUENTAS DE PAOLA_0005


ButterflyPaola and Roly0001

Sweet cousin Paola, happy to see Roly is finally six years old. She loved Roly so much, she had written a story about him when he was a kitten a story about him!

Story #2:                                                                                                                                              The Newborn Cat  / El Gato Recien Nacido         – for Roly, by Paola  CUENTAS DE PAOLA_0006


One day, a pregnant cat had a baby.                       And the baby grew a little. CUENTAS DE PAOLA_0007


And the baby grew, but it wasn’t 6 years old yet, it was only 4 years old and it was sad.                                                                                                                                                                           And it celebrated its 5th birthday and it said, “I am almost 6 years old!”.CUENTAS DE PAOLA_0008


And then it turned 6 years old, and it was happy.                               The EndCUENTAS DE PAOLA_0009


Story #3:                                                                                                                                              The Cat with a Flower / La Gata con Flor – for Guerita, by PaolaCUENTAS DE PAOLA_0010


One day, the cat said, “I know, I will buy a flower!                                                                                                                                                                          I will take this flower”.CUENTAS DE PAOLA_0011


“What a pretty flower!”.                                                                                                                                                                           The next day, the cat said, “My flower needs water.”CUENTAS DE PAOLA_0012


The cat said, “My flower needs dirt.”                                                                                                                                                     And the flower grew, and the cat said, “How pretty!”CUENTAS DE PAOLA_0013



ButterflyPaola and Roly0001

Sweet cousin Paola loved Roly so much, she wrote a story about him!