Pawprints Forever on my Heart



Meet our furry children: Simba, Guerita & Roly Poly (Simba- bottom left, Roly- bottom middle, Guerita- bottom right)

Once upon a time, the pitter-patter of three beautiful cats were heard in the Crayola House.

They lived.

They stretched.

They napped!

They left behind their pawprints.

Life with a cat or three can change your lives in ways you can’t even imagine. There was a time when we were first married and we enjoyed sleeping in. I was not born a morning person; I was gifted with a body clock of a night owl. Married life wasn’t much different; Vidal is a night owl as well (we were meant to be together!). Getting up early used to be a chore for Vidal and I, until we adopted the girls: Simba and Guerita, when God introduced “The Kitty Alarm”. Our lives would never be the sameContinue reading


The Crayola House Kitty Rap

This is the story of three wise cats

We were kittens without mittens; cats without hats.

No mittens or hats needed; we had Daddy and Mommy!

Our house was in the tropics but we never feared any tsunami!

One of us was tiny, one of us was fat;

One of us thought he was a dog? How ’bout that! Continue reading

Lazy Simba Bimba

There seems to be a big craze now of people talking about their “spirit animals”.  What the heck is that all about??  We are all created wonderfully, as are animals.  Each unique on their own, each unique within their own species, and each unique as individuals.  How could any one person compare themselves to an entire species, when each within that species is completely different?  It’s like an insult to their chosen animal to assume they are all identical.

Oops – I am now off of my soapbox; sorry about that.  So obviously nothing about “spirit animals” here. Not my thing.  But I will say that I have often looked at my fur babies and wanted to be like them on certain occasions.  Like Guerita, exploring the world. Like Roly Poly, with those incredible stretches. And like Simba, in her laziest moments. Continue reading

Trying Out My Wings

I remember a game I used to play with my friend Sandy from 2 doors down the street when I was a tiny tot. I was 4-yrs-old; she was 3. It was summer, and were playing in our front yard. Our mothers had told us not to go any farther than the driveway next to our house; I assume that was so my mom could still see us.  Sandy and I would walk hand-in-hand and see how far we could go, without getting into trouble. Trying out our own wings of independence, you might say – although I think my mom would replace that last word with “defiance”.  As Sandy and I took little steps just past that driveway, we’d say, “A little farther, and a little farther, and a little farther! Awwwwww!” – the “awwww” was said as we would giggle and race back to my driveway.

I was a nervous mommy with Roly Poly, I admit. As Simba and Guerita were indoor cats for their first three years, I knew they would stick around the house when they were able to spread their wings. And they did. but Roly Poly was different.  Like his aunt Guerita, Roly was an explorer. Unlike his aunt Guerita, Roly was able to explore the Great Outdoors by the time he was a few months old.   Continue reading

A Pile of Rocks In The Middle of a Field on the Side of the Road: The Dominoes of Stonehenge


June 4, 2004.  There were only a few Must Sees for our England portion of our Europe trip; quality time with Naomi was #1 on that list, anything else was just whipped cream on the banana split. London came in second, with Stonehenge (okay, and eat fish and chips, too) not far behind. As it turned out, we would get to see both places with Naomi, putting the cherry on top of the whipped cream on the banana split (and served with fish and chips). I have often said that most people really don’t take advantage of what is at their backdoor. While that is not necessarily true for everyone, I have heard many people say that often tourists knew more about their city then they did, as more often than not, tourists do a bit of research on where they are going before they get there- I’m referring to educated tourists and not the Ugly American tourist who have given the rest of us a bad name. It seems to be that when you grow up surrounded by so much cultural heritage, that you become blind to it. Naomi had stressed to me that she was not much into culture/history the way I was; she was quite aware that I could be something of a history addict. Having been born and raised in a city less than 200 years old, it is really no wonder that I was starved to be wandering around a land which had thousands of years of history. I have wandered around ancient Mexico; I was ready for the Old World. I don’t expect others to share my enthusiasm for history, but it is a treasure when they humor me; Naomi was willing to go with us to Stonehenge and get a little cultured with us. Continue reading


Num-num is not technically a word, yet it is a word that we are all familiar with. Whether you have a child, helped take care of a child or just have a really good memory of your mother/father/grandparent/nanny trying to feed you- “num-num” brings us memories of early childhood mealtime. It’s the sound we make when trying to feed a child “Isn’t that yummy? Eat it all, yes you can! Num, num, num!” It’s the sound that same small child learns to repeat (let’s face it- the rest of it is just too hard to say with a mouth full!). “Num-num?” (Baby giggles and repeats “num-num!“) Continue reading

Life in the Tropics: Simba and the Thunderstorm

It’s the end of the rainy season. That magical time when the mountains turn from brown to vivid green after 2 good rainfalls. That time of year when the humidity hits you like a truck, leaving a sheet of moisture on your skin that stays on for many months. That time of year when we actually do pay attention to the weather reports to see what storms are coming our way. That time of year when people say “The angels are bowling”, as lightning strikes, and loud thunder cracks. Continue reading